Infographic: Mobclix Mobile Advertising Stats- 90% of Mobile Apps Use Banner Ads

Mobile advertising provider Mobclix recently released its “Mobclix Index” monthly infographic for August, providing insight into mobile ad data as seen from its network.

The company reports that 90% of mobile app ad inventory is standard banner ads, while interstitial rich media ads average a 3.5X higher eCPM overall.  In addition, the average CTR on mobile apps is .67% vs. .17% CTR on mobile Web.  Some other interesting stats include the state of mobile video, which the company says gets three times higher engagement than Online video ads.

Not surprisingly, Android growth is covered as well, with Mobclix reporting that impressions on the Android platform have grown 45% in just the last three months alone and 420% since its inception.  This comes as Gartner said today that Android will finish out the year as the number two OS behind only Symbian, with “worldwide domination in sight.”

Here’s the infographic and some addition info: (Click to enlarge)