INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials Would Rather Lose the Ability to Call than Text

In what should come as a big surprise to absolutely no one, a new study shows that Millennials would rather lose the ability to call than text.

OpenMarket, which polled 500 millennials on their communication preferences, found that millennials have an overwhelming affinity for texting.

In fact, the report summary shared with MMW reads, when given the choice between only being able to text or call on their mobile phones, a surprising 75 percent of millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text. Survey respondents say texts are “more convenient” and on their own schedule (76 percent), texts are “less disruptive than a voice call” (63 percent), they “prefer to text vs. call” in general (53 percent) and because they “never check voicemails” (19 percent).

Want to know more? Check out the infographic shared below.