INFOGRAPHIC: Millennial Media’s New SMART Report Takes Flight

The team at Millennial Media has done it again. Their latest SMART report was released today, and it’s a digital page turner for the mobile advertisers and marketers who try to keep their ears open to what’s happening in the travel industry.

In this month’s report, exceptional focus is paid to how mobile advertising and the travel industry get along these days. From the looks of it, we have a marriage with real staying power.

According to some of the key finds presented in the report, travel advertisers have increased spend 200% year-over-year.

“Booking Agents and Sites” was the leading subvertical for travel, and made up 57 percent of all spend in the vertical. “Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Lines” was second, followed by “Airlines.”

Millennial Media also found that 59 percent of all travel campaigns gave consumers the option to download an app as a post-click action. This was significantly higher than the overall average among all Millennial Media advertisers.

Curiously, when targeting specific audiences on Millennial Media’s platform, advertisers were three-times more likely to target business travelers than vacationers.

To learn more about the new report’s findings or to check it out for yourself, click here.