Infographic: Millennial Media Highlights Holiday Tablet Activity

Matt Gillis, SVP of Global Monetization Solutions at Millennial Media, had a lot of information to share on Friday. And it was music to the ears of advertisers bullish on the market impact of tablet computers in the coming years.

Focusing on tablet activity over the holidays, Millennial Media reported today that from December 23rd through the 27th, impressions on tablets increased an average of 12 percent every day, compared to 2 percent average daily growth on smartphones.

Android tablets in particular grew 18 percent every day, and three Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7), all more than doubled their impressions on Millennial Media’s platform over those 5 days.

“We hope that all of our developer partners had a wonderful (and profitable!) holiday season,” Gillis said today, “and we’re looking forward to continuing working with you in 2013.”

To correspond with today’s blog post, Millennial Media also published an insightful new infographic highlight what the ad network saw over the holidays. Check it out below.