Infographic: Men Are Bigger Mobile Shoppers Than Women

Men love to shop on their mobile devices. That much is clear from a fascinating new study and corresponding infographic from uSamp.

The infographic in particular shows how men and women are mobile shopping, what they’re buying, and where they’re doing it.

uSamp – a leading developer of online market research technology – embarked on this survey chiefly to get a “pulse on consumer mobile shopping behavior.”

And based on the findings presented in today’s report, men are proving to be bigger mobile shoppers than women. Other findings include:

  • 27% of males purchase consumer electronics on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 23% of males purchase movie and event tickets on mobile vs. 11% of females
  • 30% of males purchase digital content on mobile vs. 20% of females
  • 13% of males purchase food and drinks on mobile vs. 8% of females
  • 8% of males purchase office supplies on mobile vs. 4% of females
  • 8% of females purchase cosmetics on mobile vs. 2% of males

“We recognize that mobile consumerism is on the rise, and it’s important for companies to learn where, why, and how their audiences are making their buying decisions,” said Matt Dusig, Co-Founder & CEO, uSamp. “Our mobile platform is taking the guessing out of mobile consumers’ behavior, and we’re gaining first-hand experience of what is driving their actions.”