Infographic: Is Texting Making Our Grammar More Bad?

Analogous to how spell check and autocorrect software have purportedly created a tech dependency that hampers our literacy, a new study shows that texting is having similarly nefarious consequences for our grammar.

Outlined in a somewhat disturbing new infographic, research conducted by shows that texting is seriously impairing our ability to communicate in a way that would make the Queen proud.

According to the data presented, texting during middle school years – a formative period in a young person’s education, particularly with regard to writing skills – is on the rise. And the survey results indicate some troubling patterns associated with this reality.

50% of surveyed teens, for example, admit to not using proper punctuation or grammatical marks when composing texts.

Incredibly, 11% of those surveyed even believe that electronic communications are negatively impacting their writing skills.

For more insights from the fascinating new study, check out the infographic below.

Do you believe texting has had a counterproductive influence on grammar and written communication?