Infographic: How to Make Boring Brands Come Alive on Social Media

Infographic How to Make Boring Brands Come Alive on Social MediaYou want to know the most beautiful thing about social media marketing? It has the potential to make even the most boring, non-sexy brands a hot commodity in digital marketing.

Of course, social networks don’t do all the heavy lifting. But with with some creative thinking and planning, social media can be effectively harnessed to bounce the boring right off of your brand.

“But what if your brand is a bit dry? Or even dull?” asks Shea Bennett of MediaBistro. “What if your product is as far from sexy as it could possibly be? What then, marketing gurus? Well, you have to get a little creative. And that’s what brands such as Staples, Sharpie, Tampax and Bodyform have done, using humor, conversation and innovative promotional campaigns to raise engagement and drive awareness. And hey, if it works for those guys, then it can work for you, too.”

A new infographic from demonstrates how several “boring brands” have used social media to become veritable studs of the social media marketing world.