Infographic: How to Avoid a Selfie Marketing Disaster

How to Avoid a Selfie Marketing DisasterIt’s the era of the selfie. Unfortunately.

Yes, we’ve all seen the bad selfies people take in their bathrooms, the glare of the flash bouncing off the mirror so blindingly it makes us wonder if a comet just zoomed through the room. The selfie your friend posts from a local pub, two hours after she said she was too sick to go out. The selfies people take on an airplane when the oxygen masks have just been released — like, really? That’s what you’re interested in doing at this moment?

Are selfies technology’s way of teaching us that pictures of ourselves were meant to be taken by others, not our vain, goofy, clueless selves?

Probably so.

Regrettably, however, countless selfies have gone viral much to the marketing detriment of ordinary folks and business owners alike (and, believe us, the last thing your marketing needs is your picture on a BuzzFeed list calling out the dumbest selfies by America’s small business owners). In the digital age, that reality is more likely than you may realize.

Consequently, the digital advertising experts at Fusion360 are making us laugh through our tears with a new infographic compendium of twelve selfies that “you can’t take back.”

For instance, the selfie you take at a funeral to prove how much better looking you are than the deceased (at least you’re standing up). The selfie at the beach, complete with a Corona with lime, snapped on the day you called in sick (“You’re fired!”). The selfie you snapped while driving (duh — we’re so glad we’re not on the same road as you).

Check it out. But don’t take a selfie of you doing that.