Infographic: How Mobile Is Changing Retail As We Know It

Infographic How Mobile Is Changing Retail As We Know ItIf there is any doubt about the profound impact mobile technology is having on a diverse array of industries, look no further than retail.

This week, Catherine Clifford of Entrepreneur shared an eye-opening new infographic that exposes the game-changing role played by mobile in retail today.

“As a retail store owner, you can try to prevent consumers from using their smartphones inside your store. But that’s not much more than putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg. Mobile shopping isn’t going away,” Clifford observes. “Instead, retail store owners should engage with customers through mobile technology and give them what they want. Four out of five smartphone owners say they would prefer to be able to read more about products on their devices while shopping in stores…”

For more insight, check out the MobStac infographic published below.