Infographic: How Important Are Photos to Our Social Existence?

This year, it’s clear that mobile is the new black.

With access to sophisticated social media applications and high-quality smartphone cameras, the power in our pocket has blazed the trail for “pocketography,” prompting the rise of new image sharing sites and a trend towards “mobile journalism” to help keep us connected and up-to-date wherever we’re at.

This week, iStockphoto released an infographic all about mobile content capturing and sharing.

Among the insights contained in the report:

  • 322 million mobile subscriptions in the U.S.; 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide
  • 140 billion total photos on Facebook
  • 40 million daily uploads to Instagram
  • TIME Magazine used mobile photo of Hurricane Sandy for cover image
  • 1.3 million photos of Hurricane Sandy were posted to Instagram at a speed of 10 photos/second

To learn more, check out the full infographic below.