Infographic: Global App Revenue Driven by Three Key Markets

On Wednesday, App Annie published the latest global app data in concert with the launch of its free and premium app store analytics services for the Android market.

A representative for the company tells Mobile Marketing Watch that while Apple iOS appears to be sitting pretty on the “Iron Throne” of the mobile app world with 71 percent of worldwide app revenue, App Annie’s “Game of Phones” infographic reveals that emerging markets may be key in turning the tide for Google Play.

With both camps’ global revenue growing at a rate of 14 percent year to date, if the game is played correctly, Android may yet begin to encroach on Apple’s throne.

Among the curious realities presented on the “Game of Phones” Infographic:

  • From relatively few markets, come the most spoils: For both iOS and Android, 60 percent of worldwide revenue is driven by three key markets.
  • The U.S. market is still fertile ground, dominating revenue share for both Android and iOS.
  • Google Play has a strong foothold in the U.K. (11 percent of revenue and 10 percent of downloads YTD: a market ripe for the picking by US publishers looking to scale globally without a high localization barrier.
  • The rapidly growing market in Japan has kept iOS a step ahead in the past, but Android is catching up with revenue growth outpacing iOS by 1 percent.
  • Unchartered lands could mean more gold: While iOS holds strong in Asia, Android reigns supreme in promising emerging markets, such as Brazil where Google Play revenue has grown 88 percent year to date.