Infographic: Debunking The Myths of Email Marketing

email symbol on row of colourful envelopesCost effective and highly impactful, email marketing remains a vital part of every comprehensive marketing plan. Thanks to the battle-tested tactics of veteran email marketers, those who turn to this valuable communication resource today stand to benefit greatly from the strategies that continue to drive the effectiveness of modern email marketing.

But there remains a number of myths surrounding email marketing that frustrate and confound newcomers to the practice.

“We have talked about email marketing in the past and most have decided that while it’s not sexy it’s important. Actually it’s critical as in mission critical,” writes Frank Reed of Marketing Pilgrim. “Over time there has been plenty said about email marketing and with anything that has been around this long there can be more than a few myths that kick up.”

To help illuminate and debunk some of these myths, Marketing Pilgrm shared a new infographic that should clear up any confusion about the practice and true potential of email marketing. Check it out below.

mythsSource: Alchemy Worx