Infographic: Current State Of iOS vs. Android In Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising provider Inneractive has published a new infographic that details and compares the on-going fight between Android and iOS in terms of mobile advertising.

Looking at everything from user behavior on each platform to average eCPMs, CTR and global fill rates, the graphic uncovers some interesting current trends and shows that the top two mobile operating systems are still neck and neck in terms of mobile advertising dollars and effectiveness.  For example iOS is outpacing Android in terms of eCPM, with iOS showing an average of $1.70 compared to Android’s average of $1.30.

In terms of global fill rate, however, Android comes out on top.  The data shows Android is achieving an 85% fill rate while iOS is at 78%.  In terms of CTR, iOS is beating Android by almost double — 2.3% for iOS compared to 1.1% for Android.  The full infographic is embedded below.