Infographic: BlueTrain Mobile Publishes “Mobile Marketing Map”

BlueTrain Mobile, a company that provides mobile Website creation services and consulting for brands and agencies, has published a creative new tool dubbed the “Mobile Marketing Map,” an infographic of sort that acts as a “complete guide to the mobile marketing landscape.”

The map covers 130 resources in 23 different categories and covers nearly everything spanning the mobile marketing ecosystem, including industry news, blogs, mobile emulators/tools, mobile advertising, mobile SEO, QR code generators, stats, ad networks and much more.  “We’re excited to unveil the Mobile Marketing Map and we think it’s going to be a great resource for any marketer interested in mobile,” said Andy Komack, VP and Conductor of Marketing at BlueTrain Mobile.  “We added a note within the Map key asking for feedback so that we can continue to evolve the Map.”

The map is available for download here.