INFOGRAPHIC: Apigee Explores What Smartphone Users Are Buying Via Mobile

On Thursday, the team at Apigee published new research showing that mobile phones are increasingly being used to buy almost everything – including no shortage of items considered to be “embarrassing.”

Apigee explored the opinions of more than 2,000 U.S. mobile device users in a “scientific survey” to discover why America is falling in love with mobile phone shopping.

So what are the biggest turn-ons for mobile users? Here’s what Apigee says are the most popular attributes of mobile shopping:

  • You can browse for deals wherever you are – 50%
  • Perform price comparisons inside a store – 48%
  • Use a mobile device to find a retail store – 40%
  • Redeem electronic coupons – 38%
  • Secretly shopping without a spouse/significant other knowing – 25%
  • Buy embarrassing or personal items without using a work computer – 14%
  • Sneak shopping time in at work – 12%

According to consumer feedback through the survey, the items that mobile users are most inclined to purchase are:

  • Books – 32%
  • Electronics – 31%
  • Gift cards – 27%
  • DVDs/Blu-ray Discs – 26%
  • Clothing – 24%
  • Toys – 20%

To learn more about the report from Apigee, check out the infographic below.