Infographic: Analytics Driving Digital Marketing

It’s been said that in the world of mobile marketing, there are three little letters more intimidating than IRS and as frightening as STD.

I’m referring, of course, to ROI.

For many new entrants into the mobile marketing fray, attempting to understand one’s ROI can be a confusing and frustrating exercise.

“The most significant issue for ad buyers,” reads a new report from MIT Technology Review, “is that they don’t know if the ads are working, like they do on desktop computers.” The report cites data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which indicates that all media depend critically upon reliable metrics for audience reach.

“Especially with limited screen size, and much shorter time for placements, mobile advertisers have to be much more focused, more targeted,” advises Peter Wang, senior vice president of engineering at appssavvy. “This is where analytics comes in.”

In fact, analytics capabilities have never been more important than they are today. And it shows.

According to the 2013 edition of “The State of Digital Customer Experience Technology” by Forrester Research, 56% of surveyed professionals are making analytics strategies and tools top priorities for the next 24 months, with Web content management (34%) and customer relationship management (30%) also ranking high on the list. Eighty percent of professionals are prioritizing traditional Web channels like the desktop when it comes to their digital customer experience initiatives; 59% and 56% say mobile Web for tablet and excluding tablet are also priorities, respectively.

On Friday, Direct Marketing News shared an interesting new infographic built from the latest Forrester data showing exactly how critical quality analytics have become in “steering the digital helm.”