INFOGRAPHIC: 44% of Mobile Gamers Play Games When They’re Not Mobile

Having mobile games on your smartphone can be a lifesaver in times of infinite boredom – long car rides, long lines, a busy waiting room at the doctor’s office, etc. But according to a new study from Miniclip and MoPub, most avid mobile gamers play not when they are on the o but when they are at home.

44 percent of mobile gamers revealed that they primarily play games at home.  Only 22 percent admitted to playing “while waiting for something,” and another 21 percent cited “traveling” as another incentive for gameplay.

“Unsurprisingly,” says Kathleen De Vere of Inside Mobile Apps, “the study also found that a feature on the App Store and on Google Play were the biggest single reason for downloads. 37 percent of respondents indicated they downloaded a Miniclip game because they saw it featured on either the iTunes App Store or (what was then called) the Android Marketplace.”

To learn more, check out the infographic posted below.