InFocus to Launch Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro

InFocusVisual collaboration company InFocus Corporation tells MMW that they are ready to roll out Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro — a new smart-phone sized desktop PC.

The Windows 10 Home Kangaroo Pro revolutionizes the PC market by taking the original Windows 10 Kangaroo Mobile Desktop PC and adding expanded features and connectivity to unlock a variety of new uses, making it unique from any other PC on the market.

Kangaroo Pro features the new Dock Pro with VGA, HDMI and Ethernet connectivity as well as one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, a 2.5 inch hard drive bay and an audio port, expanding the applications for this powerful, ultra-portable PC.

With a mouse, keyboard and any screen – even an iPad – Kangaroo Pro becomes a fully-functioning Windows 10 desktop PC. Now with the added VGA connection, Kangaroo Pro can be used with virtually any PC Monitor or projector for uncompressed media files, Microsoft Office desktop programs, as a presentation device or as an on-the-go travel companion.

“With Kangaroo Pro, we’ve created a powerful PC in a completely new form factor that builds on the success of the Kangaroo PC,” said Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing. “Kangaroo Pro lets you go from your desk to the conference room to home with the same access to all your desktop programs and media files. We’ve added more features and connections to make it the most versatile mobile PC on the market.”