Infiniti Debuts iAd-Like Rich Media Campaign For iOS And Android…Using Google’s AdMob

As brands grow weary of Apple’s tight control over iAds, other networks are proving they can provide the same experience in terms of rich media — without the headaches and high price tag.

Infiniti recently launched a very iAd-like campaign promoting the new QX56 SUV for iPad, iPhone and Android using Google’s AdMob network.  The campaign used in-app ad-units that take users into an HTML5 full-page experience that includes rich-media elements such as video content, interactive interstitials and click-to-animate expandables.

In addition, the campaign includes banner and text ads that drive consumers to rich and engaging post-click experiences optimized for high-end smartphones and the iPad.  “Creative was central to the success of this campaign,” said Johanna Werther, product marketing manager of mobile advertising at AdMob.  “Infiniti didn’t just want to reach users on just one type of device, so we ensured their mobile creative could run successfully on multiple devices across multiple platforms.”

In a video demo of the Infiniti ad-unit [embedded below], you can easily see the vast similarities with iAds.  The main difference being the ad-unit runs the same on both iOS and Android — an attribute Apple simply won’t allow.  Through the likes of Greystripe, Medialets, AdMob and a host of others, true rich media mobile campaigns can easily be achieved in a cross-channel setting with far less wait times, restrictive control over the creative process and overall cost.  I guess there’s a reason so many advertisers are jumping ship on Apple.