Inergize Digital, DoApp Offer Local Media Mobile Money Opp

Mobile Local News, an iPhone and iPod app that distributes locally-branded news, weather, sports, politics and entertainment, was announced today by Inergize Digital and DoApp. They claim this is the world’s “first local news application to monetize content and video.”

Mobile Local News offers two advertising positions – one ad position per page view category and one ad position that is overlaid on every video. Ad positions can be sold locally or filled with national ads by Inergize Digital. In Mobile Local News, media companies can locally brand the user interface with logos and styles, extending company brand.

Inergize Digital is a company working in integrated digital management solutions that generate revenue for local media companies. They offer a content management system for these companies for online and mobile.  E.W. Scripps, Four Points Media, Liberty Media, Newport Television and New Vision Television Group, among others, rely on Inergize Digital to position their Web sites as the number one source of local information.

DoApp Inc. is a development company of both consumer and business applications (apps) for Web sites, desktops and mobile devices. The Company focuses on making apps “cool” and easy-to-use. Their application portfolio included two applications that made Apple’s 2008 list of most popular applications.