Industry Titans Gear Up For Spring 2013 Mobile Payments Conference

The Spring 2013 Mobile Payments Conference is scheduled to kick off in New York next week.  And as the countdown to the conference speeds up, the prominent list of scheduled speakers has only grown more impressive.

Bala Krishnamurthy of IBM Global Business Services, Rip Gerber, CEO of Locaid, and Jordan McKee, an Analyst on Yankee Group’s Mobile Money team, are among the most recent additions.

Earlier this week, PayAnywhere, a leading provider of mobile point of sale solutions, announced that its CIO, Tracy Metzger (pictured on right), will be speaking at the conference, which spans April 10-11. Metzger will be a featured speaker on a panel session which will discuss the opportunities and challenges of mobile point of sale for both consumer and retailer devices.

The Spring Mobile Payments Conference is promoted as an epic gathering for more than 150 senior executives “who will discuss the latest developments in the mobile marketing, mobile wallet and mobile payments ecosystem.”

The MPC’s annual growth speaks volumes about the underlying growth and vibrancy of the mobile payments industry today. According to market research firm Forrester, the U.S. mobile payment market will see $90 billion spent in 2017 v.s. the $12.8 billion spent in 2012.

We are working with the industry’s leading experts to present the latest thinking by firms and suppliers about how mobile payments and mobile wallet services now make sense for retailer mobile commerce efforts in a broad sense and how leveraging the transition to mobile payments can benefit the businesses of retailers and payment providers alike.

To learn more about next week’s conference, click here.