Industry Heavyweights Offer 2016 Mobile Marketing Strategies at NRF Retail’s BIG Show

Industry Heavyweights Offer 2016 Mobile Marketing Strategies at NRF Retail’s BIG ShowOn Tuesday, in-mall mobile retail solution provider StepsAway today offered “key mobile trends on maximizing brick-and-mortar strategies” to gain competitive advantage in acquiring, retaining and influencing shoppers at a major conference where everyone was all ears.

Speaking at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show Expo, CEO Allan Haims advises retailers to evolve their traditional in-store marketing approaches to reap untapped mobile engagement opportunities and augment omnichannel-driven revenues.

“Mobile is a game-changer in the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, but it must be executed in a tailored, personalized way that gives consumers an extra incentive for making a purchase onsite,” said Allan Haims, CEO of StepsAway. “Going beyond traditional in-store promotional signage, text messages and email campaigns is necessary to fully engage with consumers on a hyperlocal level when they are in the midst of shopping in real-time.”

Noting mobile’s success in driving transactions during the recent Black Friday and holiday shopping season, Haims applauded brands’ that utilize digital mobile apps to bolster in-store sales. Many retailers have yielded more on-the-spot transactions by alerting brick-and-mortar shoppers to extra motivation for in-store purchases, both on store signage and via mobile promotions.

Haims added, “More and more national retailers are effectively leveraging complementary technologies such as Wi-Fi to create, modify and share offers via mobile, which gives them an edge in dynamically connecting with consumers who are looking to make a purchase immediately.”