Industry-First LBS Retail Navigation App “Aisle411” Launches Today For iPhone

The retail LBS market is heating up fast, and even though many question how many people are actually consistently using such apps, the market is poised for substantial growth in the coming years.  As such, we’re beginning to see startups tailor their solutions specifically to in-store mobile retail customers.

The most recent is an innovative startup out of St. Louis, Missouri who has created an app called “Aisle411.”  Dubbed the industry’s first “retail navigation app,” Aisle411 allows anyone with a mobile phone to find products and promotions quickly and easily, down to specific placement on store shelves.  Through the help of voice recognition technology powered by Nuance, aisle411 offers a unique in-store search and comprehensive mobile retail shopping solution that’s unique to the droves of other retail apps that have hit the market recently.

With the aisle411 app, users can instantly locate products in stores down to the specific section of the aisle, find product reviews, manage shopping lists, share experiences with friends via social media integration, then get reward points and mobile coupons for using the service.  The aisle411 service is now live in more than 600 stores in the U.S., with additional locations being added daily.

“Aisle411’s groundbreaking shopping solution is transforming the way customers interact with retailers, advertisers and brands,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO, aisle411.  “By offering an unparalleled amount of information, from product location, to reviews and relevant promotions, aisle411 enables customers to make more informed decisions, while saving time and money.”  The app is available now from Apple’s App Store, with Android and Blackberry Apps coming in 2011.