India Rising as Streaming Media Destination

Streaming video services are becoming big business in India. As one of the world’s largest mobile communities, millions of residents across the nation are turning toward their smartphones and tablets and away from their PCs and traditional forms of television for content.

The latest proof in the evolution of content consumption in India is Apple’s new power-play in the region. As of Tuesday, the Apple TV has gone on sale in India.

Following the recently-unveiled iPhone payment plans available to Indian consumers (a plan that has sent iPhone purchases through the roof), Apple is working overtime to get its products into the hands of as many Indian consumers as possible given how ripe the young market is for domination by a major player such as Apple.

The release of Apple TV in India comes approximately twelve months after the latest Apple TV refresh was unveiled in the U.S.

Analogous to the domestic user experience, Indian Apple TV owners can use the device to purchase content from the Indian iTunes store and view it on their televisions.

A representative for Apple tells Nikhil Pradhan of ThinkDigit that the company is “looking at partnering with Indian content providers to stream content using Apple TV, similar to the way American users can access video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus on their TVs through the device.”

The Apple TV is available now through Apple’s Indian online store.