India Losing One of its Top Selling Smartphones

India Losing One of its Top Selling SmartphonesSources inside of Apple’s supply chain say Indian consumers will soon bid farewell to Apple’s iPhone 4.

According to knowledgeable industry insiders, the company has decided to yank its iPhone 4 from India, the world’s second most populous nation.

The Times of India reports that iPhone 4 supplies are running low and Apple isn’t replenishing stock as a means to drive sales of its current generation iPhone models.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 4 has been one of the strongest selling smartphones in India to date, Apple wants consumers to get with the times and move beyond a four year old product.

“It’s also advantageous for Apple to ditch the iPhone 4 because of software support,” explains Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch. “The smartphone is now four years old, and while it does technically support iOS 7, it doesn’t offer a number of the new operating system’s features, like turn-by-turn navigation, panorama mode, AirPlay mirroring or Siri to name just a few.”