India Critical to the Future of Smartphones

Remember the old days when India was referred to as a nation in which smartphones will “one day” be very popular and profitable? Well, that “one day” is now today.

As one of the fastest growing emerging markets for mobile devices, India is fast-becoming a major stage upon which Apple, Samsung, and other mobile tech makers are waging war for the hearts of India’s tech lovers.

In particular, Apple’s iPhone is a hot commodity there today. According to the Times of India, Apple could see $1 billion in sales for 2013 in India alone – a clear indication that India is now a critical market for smartphone makers everywhere.

These figures predate the aggressive marketing strategies adopted by Apple in the past six months, and experts say it is possible that Apple India’s strong showing in 2011-12 woke the company up to the country’s potential.

“The huge jump in revenues has made the company realize India’s potential. Apple is now chasing volumes and looking at the numbers game,” says Manasi Yadav of IDC.