Independent Test of Providers by MediaCom Puts Mobsta Firmly at the Forefront

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that location targeting and data specialist, Mobsta, has been ranked number one in an independent ranking of geolocation providers in the UK.

The test, run by MediaCom, was designed to determine the validity of the claims of many of the companies, that they offer the best reach and accuracy, so that the agency could partner with the right provider.

“Mobsta’s first place ranking makes it the most accurate geolocation partner for brands today,” an emailed statement reads.

The test, which ran across three client brands, challenged participants to prove their scale and accuracy.

Out of the nine participants, Mobsta – which employs Placecast’s programmatic technology – came first in both the scale and accuracy tests. This gives Mobsta the right to claim that it’s the most accurate provider with the greatest reach. Ten additional providers that were invited to participate in the test declined to take part.

Owain Wilson, Data Strategy Director at MediaCom, says: “When it comes to location targeting, there are many companies who seem to offer extremely compelling targeting and measurement solutions. Although their pitch stories are great, it’s difficult to know whose story is real and how accurately they can actually deliver on location targeting. We wanted to be able to have confidence in our recommendations to clients so created this test to help us cut through the claims, and offer definitive advice on how accurate hyper-local targeting is.”