Increasing Engagement With User-Generated Content

Increasing Engagement With User-Generated ContentThe goal of all online and mobile content is to engage with your primary or secondary target audience, and create an experience that is memorable enough that you achieve an increase in brand awareness, brand loyalty, and increased conversions.

In an effort to improve engagement, brands invest time and energy in determining topics of interest and of value to their target audience—and create their content marketing, videos, and advertising materials accordingly.

While this method certainly works, technology firm Rivet Works, Inc. recognizes just how time consuming it is. Consequently, the company has launched user-generated content (UGC) solutions for both online and mobile marketing that aim to take targeted advertising to a whole new level.

Their UGC solutions are designed to deliver advertising materials and content that will speak directly to the individual reading it. They do this by gathering information from user’s web browsing habits, ensuring they have access to materials that speak most to them as individuals.

“Customer experience has emerged as the leading driver of commerce, and is positioned to have an ever-increasing influence on buying decisions,” says Michael Svatek, CEO and Co-Founder of Rivet. “We know that user-generated content is a strategy that not only connects a company to its market, but potential customers with experienced customers, building trust, inspiring purchase, and creating online community. The result is a riveting level of engagement and authenticity that stimulates purchase decisions and propels commerce.”