‘Inadequate Security’ Uncovered Among Popular Travel Apps

'Inadequate Security' Uncovered Among Popular Travel AppsIf you’re an avid user of any number of popular travel apps, we can recommend your next destination — this article. We have some bad news to share.

Bluebox Security, a mobile app security and analytics company, has just released findings from its 2015 Travel App Security Study that highlight the deficient security stance of the top 10 most popular mobile apps for travel in both Android and iOS devices.

And the findings are nothing short of unnerving.

Bluebox’s research of more than a dozen security parameters revealed critical flaws present in all of the apps examined.

Travel apps, and consumer-facing apps in general, have changed significantly in recent years to make life easier for the consumer, with frequent updates to enhance usability and features. But in too many cases rapid advancements in these apps have completely overlooked security, increasingly creating numerous points of entry for attackers to access sensitive data.

“All of the apps we reviewed could be modified and changed to act in ways other than what the developers intended, putting sensitive information at risk regardless of device,” said Andrew Blaich, lead security analyst at Bluebox Security. “Data must be protected at the application level and security should be integrated into the development process. Without it, users — enterprise employees and consumers alike — could suffer damaging loss of important and personal information.”

To review these and other findings from the organization’s 2015 Travel App Security Study, click here.