In Time for the Holidays, Simplified Mobile Discovery-Commerce

In Time for the Holidays, Simplified Mobile Discovery-CommerceInMobi, one of the world’s most powerful mobile advertising platforms, has announced a partnership with Stripe.

InMobi will utilize Stripe’s Relay product in tandem with InMobi’s e-commerce advertising “to enable advertisers to very quickly offer product purchase ad campaigns with little setup or expensive integration.”

“While Stripe already handles payment information for Miip, InMobi’s mobile discovery and advertising platform, Relay — which Stripe announced for the first time at a recent event — is designed to work with product and order data,” a statement to the media explains. “Relay connects directly with retailers’ existing inventory and order management back-ends, making it easy to manage stock across many sales channels.”

So here come the Buy Buttons.

“InMobi’s integration with Relay will enable it to extend Buy buttons to the 30,000+ mobile applications who rely on InMobi as their monetization partner,” the statement adds. “The announcement with Stripe arrives just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, the busiest season for retail and e-commerce providers.”

It’s the perfect season to be readying for bigger e-commerce activity.

In fact, the Criteo eCommerce Industry Outlook 2015 report suggests that the global e-commerce industry grew in 2014 with goods and services worth $1.5 trillion bought by shoppers via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Better yet? Forecasts indicate that 40 percent of these transactions will be made on mobile in 2015.

“Stripe has succeeded in making payment integration easy for tens of thousands of developers,” said Jeff Coon, Vice President of Global Alliances with InMobi. “With Relay, Stripe will bring this same simplicity, speed, and reliability to the process of listing and selling products across many channels — eliminating complex and costly integrations for retailers and improving the mobile purchase experience for consumers.”