“In Goat We Trust” for Our Mobile Entertainment

buzz_1.jpgIf mobile video services haven’t already gotten your “goat,” one such provider is probably about to.

A new online service that allows users to send personalized video messages to their friends’ mobile phones has officially launched. With a considerable amount of clever design and highly marketable branding, the resulting site is fun, rather off-the-wall, and packed with engaging content for teens, young adults, and goof-balls of all ages.

BuzzMyGoat.com is the latest offering from the creative team at Outcast TV. BMG is the first application powered by the BUZZ media personalization platform, yet another revolutionary development from Outcast. Buzz is the world’s first fully-featured mobile “narrowcasting platform.”

BuzzMyGoat.com hit the ground running with a respectable inventory of nearly three dozen professionally-scripted and filmed “Buzzes,” which are either live-action or animated presentations. Incredibly, BuzzMyGoat employs a full-time team of film makers and creative minds to think-up bizarre new content for the site.

Remarkably, the site is very user friendly. It’s also free to register to create, send, and receive a “Buzz.” Every registrant’s first Buzz is free but each Buzz thereafter charges a small fee.

What makes the service worth the while – and, arguably, worth the fee – is that the majority of Buzz clips are customizable to many common names and nicknames – common, that is, to the targeted British audience. However, many other clips have additional personalization options.

According to Outcast TV’s CEO and founder, Justin Wickham, “The fast emerging video messaging market has the power to change the way we communicate – and that’s really exciting. Our aim is to leverage our unique combination technology and film making experience to deliver a range of innovative products. BuzzMyGoat lets us use comedy as well as enjoy it – so our users are excited and keep coming back for more.”