In-App Clothing Purchases for ‘Miis’ Will Monetize Nintendo’s Premier Smartphone Game

In-App Clothing Purchases for ‘Miis’ Will Monetize Nintendo’s Premier Smartphone GameA free-to-play chat app called Miitomo will be Nintendo’s entry this year in the mobile game sector.

“It’s always been assumed Nintendo planned to monetize Miitomo with micro-transactions, but now we finally know what DeNA and Nintendo actually intend to charge users real-world money for,” reports MobileSyrup. “President of DeNA, Isao Moriyasu, recently told The Wall Street Journal that while “communication will be central to the game,” the company is exploring various options for monetization.”

The plan?

“At first we plan on selling clothes users can buy for their Miis,” said Moriyasu.

Apparently, clothes don’t just “make the man,” they’ll also “make the Miis.”

“Miitomo places more emphasis on entertainment,” explained Moriyasu. “The process of discovering new aspects of your friends via Miis can be quite fun. One distinct aspect of Miitomo is how you can configure your Mii to have it look very similar to yourself. Communicating with friends who actually look like your friends in real life is a distinctly different feeling from text-based communication. We’re thinking of linking the game with users’ Facebook friend lists. I think it could be fun connecting with friends people don’t often communicate with.”

Moriyasu said Miitomo will “have a distinct Nintendo feel and that the app will feature the same level of nostalgia fans have come to expect from Nintendo’s iconic franchises.”

Miitomo is set to launch in 2016.