Imogo Gives Small Businesses a Boost in The Clouds

With cloud-based services all the rage in today’s small business community, Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. is looking to cater to this direct need.

To that end, the company today unveiled the Imogo Private Cloud Portal Platform, which is being touted as “a complete, secure cloud-based business solution designed for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and accessed through the Internet.”

The Imogo Private Cloud Portal Platform provides fast and secure access to email, documents, voicemail, office phone, faxes and other services in one convenient bundled service.

According to details provided in the announcement early Friday, the Imogo cloud-based solution can be accessed from any internet connection on a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, tablet or iPad or any other mobile device.

In a nutshell, applications and data are stored on Imogo-hosted servers and accessed remotely through a web browser or smartphone or tablet app.

“Our cloud-based program can completely change the way a small or medium-sized company operates,” said Stewart Irvine, President and founder of Imogo. “Our customers don’t need a server room, don’t need complex switching equipment for telephones and don’t need to update their software periodically to keep up with new innovations. We do all that for them through our own secure data center and provide these services securely, on the cloud.”

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