Immersv VR Platform Takes Marketing to the Next Level

vr-911031_960_720Mobile Advertising Watch confirmed this week that a recent virtual reality (VR) campaign for the Hawaii Tourism Authority resulted in an impressive 70 percent video completion rate, a 25 percent gaze-through-rate, and about 8,500 engagements.

The campaign was run by Immersv, a 360-degree and VR marketing platform, which helped with the Authority’s “Let Hawaii Happen” app.

“The campaign was viewed by more than 50,000 unique users in Cardboard headsets and 360-degree mobile apps, delivering engagement and conversion rates that were far superior to campaigns on traditional mobile or desktop environments,” Immersv told MAW.

The campaign ran across Immersv’s network of 360-degree and VR app publishers as pre-roll video ads or opt-in ads presented when viewers gaze at the “More VR Content” button within an experience.

“They were then taken to Immersv’s 360-degree custom room, where the 30-second ad promoting the “Let Hawaii Happen” app ran on a virtual theater screen,” the Immersv crew admitted. “A branded end card appeared at the conclusion of the video with calls to action enabling the viewer to either download the app right then or save it later once they were finished with their current experience.”

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