Immersion, Tencent to Incorporate Haptics into Tencent Super NBA Game

Immersion — a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology — announced ahead of the weekend that it has signed a license agreement with Tencent.

The agreement allows Tencent to include software components of Immersion’s Haptic Gaming SDK to enhance its new game, Tencent Super NBA, with creative tactile effects from Immersion.

With Immersion’s Haptic Gaming SDK, Tencent can quickly add the sense of touch to its mobile game, saving weeks of development time and getting the best haptic performance in the industry. Within Tencent Super NBA, Immersion’s high-quality touch effects enhance the athletic sensation as players feel the action in the game.

“Augmenting sight and sound, high-quality touch effects make gameplay more exciting and immersive,” said Shuo Liu, General Manager of Immersion Greater China. “We are pleased to work with Tencent to enhance its mobile games with haptics.”

Additional details on the partnership are expected in the days ahead.