Immersion, Onkyo Bring TouchSense Technology to High-Fidelity Audio Smartphone

Immersion Corp., a developer and licensor of haptic technology, announced this week that it has signed a license agreement with Onkyo Corp., a Japanese leading electronics manufacturer.

Onkyo has a wide range of product solutions from luxury audio devices to its newly launched smartphone.

We’re told that the agreement enables Onkyo to use Immersion TouchSense® Premium and TouchSense® Lite technologies in its smartphones.

With Immersion’s TouchSense technology, device manufacturers can appeal to users’ sense of touch by incorporating high-quality tactile effects and feedback in user interfaces and applications to simulate the connected experiences of the real world.

“Our TouchSense technology brings the finest touch effects to mobile devices, and we are pleased to work with Onkyo to further enhance the user experience of its smartphones,” said Nobumitsu Shimada, Immersion’s Representative Director and Country Manager, Japan.

“We have a longstanding reputation for high-quality consumer electronics. Building on that, we released our first smartphone in February 2017 and look forward to creating new models with high-quality haptics from Immersion,” adds Nobuaki Okuda, Chief Technology Officer at Onkyo.