Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Mobile Marketing Flattery

With T-Mobile’s G1 Google Phone now turning up on store shelves, mobile marketing company PhindMe today released its “updated suite of private label mobile technology tools” that businesses, agencies, Web designers and entrepreneurs can use to take advantage of the marketing opportunities presented by a growing mobile audience.

I’ve been intrigued by PhindMe’s presentation of what they’re calling “one of the first self-service mobile-marketing systems available today.” Essentially, this technology provides groups and businesses with the capability to format Web content for any Internet-enabled device, and to facilitate business-to-consumer or group communication on any kind of cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android-powered phone.

With an estimated140 million people actively using SMS text messaging and the mobile Internet, smart phones like T-Mobile’s G1 Google Phone undoubtedly make it easier for consumers to access online content.

It’s an interesting thing to check out. And you can do so at