IKEA Giving Cross-Screen and Cross-Platform Marketing a Go in Their Next Campaign

IKEA Giving Cross-Screen and Cross-Platform Marketing a Go in Their Next CampaignCross-screen marketing is a growing trend in which a marketing campaign is designed to deliver a uniform message on multiple electronic platforms. Some take cross-screen one step further to cross-platform, which includes print and radio, too.

IKEA is one of many major brands branching out and giving cross-screen and cross-platform a try. To ensure that their marketing efforts are engaging, their latest 10-second TV commercials are based on families gathering in the evening around a modern and colorful IKEA dining area.

The campaign is titled “Every Meal is a Special Occasion” and will appear throughout Great Britain on TV, radio, digital, and social media. The campaign launched October 25 and if all goes well, it may go global.

“In the context of this campaign, we’re using a combination of Ad Sync (to launch the campaign) and traditional mobile to help our audience identity what is special about everyday meal occasions,” Aaron Haynes, planning manager at Vizeum, tells Mobile Marketer.

“The most important moment to us is when families reunite at the end of the day – be it physically on the move, or reuniting in front of the TV,” Haynes explains. “Mobile, by its very nature, allows us to access this moment in real time and help our audience identify that the time they’re about to share with family – whether they know it or not already – is a moment that is truly special.”