IgnitionOne Publishes ‘The Integrated Marketing Playbook’

Digital marketing solutions provider IgnitionOne has published “The Integrated Marketing Playbook: How to Create Simplicity from Complexity.” Since its release yesterday, the free publication has been making quite a splash.

Deemed a fundamental guide for digital marketers, the e-book is said to be helpful to marketers trying map out how to approach integrated digital marketing across an organization.

“To be successful in this fast moving and dynamic sector,” IgnitionOne says, “marketers will need to tear down the silos between organizational teams, technology, data sets and goals in order to not only drive simplicity, but to also improve results and increase understanding of audiences.”

The Playbook in question covers:

  • The central challenges to achieving integrated digital marketing
  • How to set up an organization to facilitate and take advantage of integration
  • How to centralize tools, data and measurement to achieve integrated marketing
  • What is the payoff for integrating my marketing

“Digital marketing has become so complex due to the multitude of point solutions, each with their own data sets and their own way of looking at the conversion path. Similar silos set up in our own organizations end up working against central marketing goals by putting the focus on the success of individual tactics or channels,” explains Will Margiloff, IgnitionOne CEO. “This structure does not have to be the norm. It is possible to integrate your marketing. Break down those silos, break down the walls, connect the dots and centralize data, tools and efforts.”

To check out the free playbook for yourself, click here.