Igniter Fires Up Mobile App Igniter Lite

smartphone-431230_960_720On Wednesday, Igniter.io, Inc. announced pre-registration for a mobile inbound marketing app, Igniter Lite.

Igniter Lite, we’re told, will be free to the public. Paid subscriptions for Igniter start at $14.95.

Igniter is a simple, all-in-one marketing service, perfect for small to mid-sized organizations, that empowers users to manage their content, social channels and online presence in a single interface.

With the introduction of Igniter Lite, Igniter will now be able to offer a lightweight mobile app to facilitate scheduling, publishing and analytics for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The release will also enable support for Instagram and Google+ on the full version of Igniter.

“We see Igniter first and foremost as a resource and service for marketers,” says Co-Founder, Daniel Rogosin. “By adding the free mobile app, we’re allowing users to publish, schedule and track the effectiveness of their social media while on the go. We’re also continuing to enlarge Igniter’s reach and utility by adding Instagram and Google+.”

Igniter’s team says their offering gives marketers the capability to create and manage inbound marketing campaigns. The platform integrates social media marketing, email marketing, lead capture, and analytics that work together to drive conversion from one simple interface and will integrate seamlessly with Igniter Lite.

“The free mobile app will be a stepping stone for people who are interested in getting their feet wet with inbound marketing,” adds CEO and Co-Founder, Nick Ethan, “We designed Igniter Lite to be a fun and light marketing experience, promoting the creation of consistent and quality content for their social channels.”