If You Build It, The Mobile Marketers Will Come

Sports Associated, Inc., a leader in customized event logistics and transportation solutions, has begun offering a “custom built trailer” for its clients’ mobile marketing strategies.

As far as I can tell, Sports Associated is among the first companies to offer a “business on the move” leasing solution. In the past, this echelon of technologically inclined mobile marketing has been unavailable to companies without the ability to directly purchase such a trailer.

The trailer, which has been described as state-of-the-art, allows for companies to launch events anytime, anywhere, in a fully branded and controlled environment. From the Sports Associated command center, demonstrations, trade shows, presentations and other special events can all be conducted. The trailer offers 1,000 square feet of interior space, technology services including Internet, plasma TVs, satellite uplink, and voice and data transmission and receiving.

“There has been tremendous interest in our new trailer,” said George Hersh, CEO, Sports Associated, Inc. “Clients have been impressed with the versatility and ability to create a seamless brand image while taking their events on the road. I think in this day and age, companies are finding it critical to get in front of their customers, even if that means going directly to them.”