IDC Projects Big Gains in China Enterprise Mobility

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaIDC’s newest report projects that China enterprise mobility will make terrific gains throughout 2014.

According to IDC’s China Enterprise Mobility Solution Analysis,

The research of IDC shows that mobile applications within the industry market are expanding in popularity and ubiquity throughout the world’s most populous nation.

“Mobile applications for marketing and customer service are more popular,” says IDC. Enterprises in modern service industries, represented by banks, insurances, telecommunications, and transportation and logistics, take the lead in releasing B2C mobile applications targeted at consumer customers, such as mobile banking, mobile insurance, and mobile business office.

The industries of banks, insurances, FMCG, transportation and  logistics, and governments are said to have mobile applications with higher construction maturity.

“Most industry users still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards mobile applications as an emerging technical solution,” says Andy Wang, Research Manager, Enterprise System and Software Research, IDC China. “As industry mobile solutions mature and increase understanding of mobile applications from customers, IDC expects more mobile applications to be built in the coming years. It is predicted that a large-scale industry will be formed in 2017, and the market size of enterprise mobile solution in 2017 will reach $4.67 billion.”