IDC Dishes on Fragmentation in APAC Region

IDC Dishes on Fragmentation in APAC RegionIDC is out with a new report this week indicating that the Asia/Pacific Enterprise Mobility market is expected to become “increasingly fragmented in the coming years.”

The culprit? According to IDC, the fragmentation anticipated comes as a direct result of countries in the Asia/Pacific region beginning to utilize mobility in different fashions depending on their needs.

IDC’s data and research suggest that:

Companies across the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region have been readily increasing their investments on mobility adoption. On average, over 70% of all survey respondents stated that there were some kind of mobility initiatives in their organizations.

“Enterprises across the region are realizing it’s no longer a question of why, but a question of how when it comes to mobility adoption in their organizations,” says Ian Song, Research Manager for Enterprise Mobility at IDC Asia/Pacific. “With the growing momentum of the trend of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), companies can no longer ignore mobile devices in the workplace.”

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