iCloud Accounts Top 320 Million

Apple Says iCloud Accounts Now Top 320 MillionEarlier this week, Apple impressed Wall Street with quarterly revenue of $35.3 billion, slightly topping revenue estimates of $35 billion.

But beyond the record-setting iPhone sales logged during the June quarter, Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, had much more to brag about during Tuesday’s earnings call.

According to Oppenheimer, the Apple App Store enjoyed its most profitable weeks and months during the last quarter, a reality made possible in part by the fact that iTunes now offers 60,000 movies and 230,000 TV episodes.

Apple customers downloaded 1 billion TV episodes during the quarter and 390 million movies.

In response to the App Store hitting 50 billion app downloads last quarter, developers took home some handsome payments last quarter. With 900,000 apps now available on iOS, Apple’s CFO revealed that $11 billion has now been paid out to developers, half of which in just the past year.

Also expanding are iCloud and Game Center users, Oppenheimer says. There are presently more than 320 million iCloud accounts and another 240 million Game Center accounts.