ICF International to Acquire Digital Marketing Tech Firm

ICF International to Acquire Digital Marketing Tech FirmA recent announcement by ICF International indicates that they will soon acquire the digital marketing firm Olson. The two companies have many of the same goals and the acquisition will allow both to have a greater impact on the market, MMW was told by a representative for ICF.

“This acquisition strengthens and expands ICF’s digital marketing capabilities, enabling clients to transform the way they engage with customers and stakeholders,” a statement from ICF International reads. “Combined with ICF’s existing digital technology implementation capabilities, Olson will help drive multi-channel marketing initiatives across web, mobile, email, social, print, broadcast and off-premise platforms. Olson’s diversified roster of marquee clients spans a broad range of industry categories, including health, energy and transportation, complementing ICF’s work in those areas, in addition to its significant consumer/retail presence.”

Sudhakar Kesavan, CEO and Chairman of ICF International, says that because ICF’s clients are increasingly using mobile platforms, social media and the web for interacting with customers, this acquisition makes tremendous sense as 2015 looms on the horizon.

“Utility companies are using these channels to increase energy efficiency, healthcare companies to influence consumer choices, transportation companies for transactions and governments for stakeholder engagement,” Kesavan explains. “A deep and sophisticated understanding of consumer behavior combined with the use of digital technologies will be increasingly key to helping ICF’s clients implement solutions in the future.”

ICF plans to purchase Olson for $295 million in cash from private equity firm KRG Capital Partners and other minority shareholders.