iBreath Breathes New Life into Safety

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, now you can have your very own Breathalyzer — the iBreath.

The iBreath is an attachment for the iPhone that measures blood alcohol level. And for about $80, you can buy this accessory that plugs directly into the iPhone. It features a “retractable blow wand, and within two seconds, it displays the results on an LED screen.”

A reading of 0.08 or above sets off an alarm because the blood-alcohol level is above the legal limit.

“We are absolutely not advocating drinking and driving, but we know that people just don’t observe that,” said Don Bassler, chief executive and founder of David Steele Enterprises Inc. in Newport Beach, an online retailer and creator of the iBreath.

“We don’t want people to think that this makes it all OK, but it’s a safety device that we hope people will use, and it may save lives. Your blood-alcohol content goes up for 30 minutes after you stop drinking. There’s no need to risk hurting yourself or other innocent people when you can simply plan ahead.”

A lot of iPhone applications are cool… but this is the first I’ve seen that may actually save your life and the lives of others.