IBM Sounds The Trumpet for Record Breaking Weekend for Mobile

IBM Sounds The Trumpet for Record Breaking Weekend for MobileThe turkey has hardly been digested from Thursday and a;ready we’re hearing reports about the staggering success of Thanksgiving and Black Friday retail sales.

On Monday morning, IBM reported a 19.7 percent increase in Thanksgiving Day online sales this year as holiday shoppers once again went online for the best deals of the season.

According to the statement issued by IBM, this momentum set the stage for a record Black Friday with online sales growing 18.9 percent over the same period last year. This data is the result of cloud-based analytics from IBM.

The biggest surge came from mobile sales which reached 25.8 percent of total online sales for Thanksgiving, and 21.8 percent for Black Friday, as consumers went from the dinner table to their tablets to lock in the best offers.

In addition, IBM reported that New York City consumers led the way in Black Friday online sales followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles.

“We’re off to an incredibly fast start this holiday season as retailers and consumers meet at the intersection of cloud, mobile and social platforms to both offer and take advantage of the best deals,” says Jay Henderson, Strategy Director for IBM Smarter Commerce. “It’s clear that marketers are using cloud analytics technologies like the IBM Benchmark to better understand and act on real-time shopping trends. This year’s winners will be those that can deliver seamless experiences to consumers wherever, whenever and however they choose to shop.”