IBM Probes The Impetus for Mobile Adoption

IBM Probes The Impetus for Mobile AdoptionOn Friday, IBM brought to light the results of a new study revealing that 90 percent of global organizations surveyed “are willing to sustain or increase their investments in mobile technologies over the next 12-18 months.”

The findings, of course, aren’t surprising. But the reason for this anticipated acceleration of mobile adoption is reassuring nonetheless.

According to the published data, one of the reasons for increased investments is the measurable impact on speed and productivity.

“For example,” IBM reports, “half of the respondents report a greater than 10 percent gain in employee productivity as a result of their mobile efforts.”

Of the leaders surveyed, 73 percent report measurable returns on their mobile investments, while 81 percent say mobile has fundamentally changed how they do business.

“Today, mobile is quickly emerging as a transformational game changer in business that will drive new levels of innovation and interactions,” says Kevin Custis, IBM Social Business and Mobile practices leader at IBM.  “It is far too limiting to define mobility simply as a device or a channel for transactions. The organizations that come out ahead will be the ones that prioritize mobile and redefine its use to drive a new set of business expectations and user experiences.”

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