iAds Coming to iBooks?

If you thought the fusion of digital marketing and digital books seemed inevitable, you were right.

It now appears that iAds are coming to iBooks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will begin inserting iAds into iBooks via the iBookstore.

With e-reader prices dropping like a stone and major tech players jumping into the book retail business, what room is left for publishers’ profits? The surprising answer: ads. They’re coming soon to a book near you.

“The historically staid and technology-averse publishing ecosystem has been ripped apart and transformed,” the WSJ adds.

Making a profit in the world of mobile apps has been aided enormously for developers by the advent of iAds. Similarly, the dawn of digital ad placement in iBooks could help new independent authors finally turn a profit on their written labors of love.

Although there is no time frame in place for the launch of iAds in iBooks, some anticipate Apple making the formal announcement of such at the company’s rumored September 7th press event.