IAB Shows Spike in Mobile Marketing Budgets

According to the results from a new survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the numbers don’t lie. Mobile marketing budgets are rapidly expanding within the branding and ad spheres of Corporate America.

“Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” found that 63 percent of respondents stated that their companies’ mobile advertising spend over the past two years has increased to some degree, with 29 percent reporting an increase of over 50 percent.

The outlook for an uptick in the next two years is even more striking, with most of these key ad spend decision-makers (72%) saying that they are looking to increase their mobile advertising budget; 35 percent of respondents expect to increase spend by over 50 percent.

IAB’s study was based on the survey of some 300 top-level brand marketing executives.

“Given the current economic climate, these overwhelmingly positive ad spend numbers are telling. They truly underscore what those of us working in the mobile space have always recognized – that the remarkable evolution and progression of mobile interactive advertising has only begun to deliver on its extraordinary promise,” says Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager of the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

Additional results revealed that half (51%) of the brand marketers surveyed already treat mobile platforms as an integral element of their overall advertising strategy.

And by no means is the other half uncertain about the power of mobile marketing. For them, it’s simply a question of how to best leverage the platform in an affordable, efficient manner.